Longsword Tabletop Tactics
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Collect, Build, and Battle

Turn-Based Tactical CCG

Longsword is a game of deep tactical combat modeled after our favorite tabletop miniatures games. As you play, you will collect champions, spells, equipment, and more to create your ultimate tabletop army!



Extraordinary Customization

Unleash your cunning and creativity by finding the deadliest combinations. Build your army, paint your miniatures, and customize their appearances!


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Build your Battlefield

Create custom tabletops and share them online with one click. Create competitive multiplayer maps or epic single-player adventures all within the game!


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More than a Game

Longsword is not just a game, but a framework for tactics games of many different genres. 

We aim to provide a common set of rules and tools that can allow gameplay in a wide number of genres. So it's not just Fantasy that you'll see here, but Science Fiction, Post-Apocalypse, World War 2; it's up to you!  The initial release of Longsword will focus on the Longsword Fantasy Universe playset. As we expand our user-base and bring in players interested in other genres, we intend to expand the available playsets as well.

The community will be critical to our success and longevity. We invite you to join us in the forums and make your voice heard. 

Longsword Forums



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