Crookz - The Big Heist (Impressions & Video)

Yesterday marked the release of Crookz - The Big Heist. This is a tactics game where the goal is to maneuver your band of thieves through elaborate maps with the goal of gathering up primary and secondary loot objectives. It's based in a funky late-60s / early-70s setting that highlights the art and music of the times splendidly.

Each of your band of merry thieves has a specialty - it could be the lockpicker, the contortionist, the bruiser, etc - and each map has an array of locked doors, cameras, security systems, guards, and other obstacles that are in between you and your goal. Your job is to carefully plan your team's movement through the map, disabling these security measures in such a way as to avoid "Heat" (being seen). Extra points are awarded for speed as well.

You issue orders to your team members individually, queuing up actions with a waypoint system. A critical element of this system is the "Wait" waypoint. For instance, you might queue up a number of orders for your lockpicker, having him open some doors and then move into position underneath a security camera, where you want him to wait for it to be disabled before he moves on to unlock another objective. Meanwhile, your contortionist is slipping through an air duct into the security room to turn off the cameras. You'll be watching her progress carefully, and when she's completed her task, you can give the "Go!" order to your waiting lockpicker.

Ultimately, this game is a stylish, crime-themed puzzle. It seems to offer a lot of creativity in how you can solve the various puzzles offered up by the maps, and the cool styling makes me want to keep playing.

You can download the Demo for free on Steam and that's what I recommend that you do. For me, I think the game will go onto my Wishlist as I've got games enough to keep me busy for the time-being, but I think this will definitely get some play-time from me in the near future.